Make better decisions

for yourself and your business.

After participating in our 12-week program at MIT's delta v accelerator,

93% of MIT entrepreneurs felt that self-awareness practices can help entrepreneurs create more successful businesses.

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Build a strong mental game.

Kathleen and her collaborators help you prioritize your own well-being while rocking your business.

Contrary to the current "always be hustling" culture, we don't believe you have to kill yourself for your company to be successful.

We guide you in developing a greater understanding of yourself through the tools of self-awareness – meditation and mindfulness – and their proven beneficial application to entrepreneurship.

With greater self-awareness, you'll be less affected by stress and make better moment-to-moment choices for yourself and your business.


Life's too short to feel

burned out



on edge


or constantly putting out fires.







& in-the-zone.

Our Programming + Projects

Programs for Universities + Accelerators

We create and execute customized self-awareness programs and curricula for early-stage entrepreneurs and young leaders.

Understanding yourself is essential to managing stress and it is a skill that can be taught. Integrating self-awareness into the entrepreneurial experience can help prevent burnout, encourage better mental and physical health, and create better team dynamics. Mindfulness and meditation have proven positive effects in other industries, and now, we have shown that they can be effective in entrepreneurship.

Set your entrepreneurs up for long-term personal and business success.

Rational Confidence

Anxiety, loneliness, depression, and burnout do not have to be a fixture of the founder experience. We present an alternative to hustle-till-you-drop entrepreneurship.

We think healthy, self-aware founders create better company cultures and better startups, and we're building a network of entrepreneurs who agree. Rational Confidence is a community of founders and senior team members of funded and revenue making startups who are ditching the false bravado, work-more-work-faster model of entrepreneurship for a new one, in which company cultures are supportive of individual success, teams experience less burnout, and startups are even more impactful.

Join us.

1-1 Coaching

Kathleen helps you choose curiosity over fear on a daily basis, creating confidence in yourself, your work, your relationships with others, and your place in the cosmos.

She uses her entrepreneurial experience, self-awareness principles, habit formation science, and business strategy to help entrepreneurs and creatives make more informed decisions, nurture happy and productive teams, and develop a strong mental game that will serve you for years to come.

Make your next move. Work through your co-founder issues. Communicate with others more confidently.

A culture based in self-awareness helps entrepreneurs as individuals.

We believe it will help their startups' bottom lines, too.

Read, watch, & listen

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