Our approach yields results.

Meditation and mindfulness have proven positive effects in other industries. Now we have shown they can also be beneficial in entrepreneurship.
In 2019, MIT's delta v became the first entrepreneurship accelerator to prioritize its entrepreneurs' individual well-being and measure the effects.
Over 12 weeks, 84 entrepreneurs participated in our program, Entrepreneurial Confidence and Communication. They were taught tools for greater self-awareness – meditation and mindfulness – and were provided with an unbiased, confidential environment for venting and peer feedback.
After 12 weeks of ECC and delta v programming, with their demo day pitches approaching, delta v entrepreneurs...
... had developed greater self-understanding.


65% of the 84 delta v entrepreneurs had never meditated before ECC. By the end of the summer, 88% had independently established their own regular, weekly meditation or mindfulness practice.


 40% were more aware of the emotions they were feeling, letting themselves feel them rather than pushing them away.


 93% felt that self-awareness practices can help entrepreneurs create more successful businesses.

...were making better moment-to-moment choices for themselves.


53% were more frequently using a deliberate technique to calm themselves when in the middle of a stressful situation.


100% of optional ECC one-on-one sessions were utilized, reflecting the entrepreneurs' desire for a confidential, unbiased source of perspective and feedback


34% of those who had started their own mindfulness or meditation practice felt more confident in their communications with others.

The data affirms that understanding your thoughts, feelings, and biases is essential to managing stress – and it is a skill that can be taught.
Integrating self-awareness into the entprenreurial experience will help prevent burnout, encourage better mental and phsyical health, and create better team dynamics. It's great for entrepreneurs, and it could be great for their startups' bottom line too.
Entrepreneur by entrepreneur, we can make self-awareness a cornerstone of the startup ecosystem, in which thriving entrepreneurs create thriving company cultures supportive of both individual and startup success.

"More than anything, this program gave our team a neutral, common language to build our relationships and culture. Just coming from one source or team member would not have gotten people on board."

"Just knowing that there was an unbiased and non-judgmental resource for me was powerful."

– MIT entrepreneurs participating in our 2019 program

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"My coach and peer group helped my team look objectively at what we were doing, dig deeper into what we were individually going through, and gain perspective. The entrepreneurial experience is lonely and can be overwhelming, and [this program] was the only place where we could touch down in a space apart, and share the hard parts."

"Verbalizing issues helped me understand the underlying reasons behind my co-founder's and my behavior."

"I focused more on my well-being and realized how crucial it is in my life."

– MIT entrepreneurs participating in our 2019 program