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Kathleen helps many-hats-wearing people better understand themselves and the world around them.

Kathleen believes that life is too short not to do what you really want to do each day. She helps entrepreneurs, creatives, and executives do just that — in business and in their personal lives.

A former opera singer, acoustical engineer, and startup founder, Kathleen made her career bringing people together at the intersection of arts, science, and business. The depression she experienced during and after her first startup's failure – coupled with a constant low-level migraine she has had since 2010 – spurred her extensive research into wellness, meditation, and mindfulness, which has culminated in the coaching methodology she uses to help clients around the world.

Her self-awareness program for MIT’s delta v accelerator produced the first statistically significant data showing the benefit of self-awareness techniques for entrepreneurs.

Kathleen holds a BA from Harvard, an MM from New England Conservatory of Music, an MS from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and an MBA from MIT Sloan. She lives in Colorado’s beautiful San Juan Mountains with her wonderful partner, son, and cockapoo.

"Kathleen is one of the best listeners I’ve ever met. She doesn’t just project herself into your situation – she really thinks about what you’re saying and works to understand exactly where you are in your journey. Only when she “gets” it does she begin to bring her experience into the conversation. And once she does, make sure you’re taking notes! Kathleen has an unusually wide and deep pool of experience to draw from, and she has the mental flexibility to make the most of it. Her insights are amazing! Several times, she has spared me years I would have spent learning something the 'hard way.'"

– Mandy, Beauty Industry Founder


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